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About Us

Poxil Eco Village is an ecological sustainable community located at the hearth of the Yucatan Peninsula just 35 miles from the beautiful beaches of Tulum. We welcome people from all over to become a part of our community by sharing our collective vision of creating our little piece of paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

We have a large legally secured property which is subdivided into lots where our community members can own a space where they can be in close contact with Mother Nature. Whether living full time or during specific seasons you are able to live in a sustainable non stressful environment where anyone can enjoy the simplicity of Life and the abundance that our tropical fertile land can provide for us. Organically grown food brings good health and longevity this is why we focus our vision in cultivating organically grown food inside our community where the land is rich and water is plentiful.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a member of our beautiful sustainable ecological community located in the hearth of the tropics of the heart of the Riviera Maya.


Sustainability is the current tendency for future development. At Poxil Eco Village we take this seriously and strive for sustainable eco living where we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint by using alternative sources of energy such as solar panels while constructing high end eco housing using materials available from our own land giving us the possibility to construct beautiful ecological houses. Our water supply is vast. Water coming from underground aquifers run though the subsoil of our property. We sell our lots with access to an unlimited underwater water supply so you can really get into cultivating your organically grown fruits and vegetables through organic gardens. Or simply share the organically grown food from our common areas by paying a fee.

Legal Framework

Another great feature of the legal framework of our property lies in the fact that foreign investors who want to purchase a lot in our community DO NOT require to set up a bank trust to do so since we are not on the 50 kms mark from the ocean where a bank trust is needed. Out property lies 70 kms from the ocean so we are just above the threshold which allows foreigners to legally own the land under their name just as any Mexican citizen. This not only allows non-Mexican residents to own the property under their name but saves them a lot of money on paying the bank for a bank trust and consequent bank fees.

Contact us for any further information regarding the legal framework to own a piece of paradise at Poxil Eco Village!!

Size and Price of our Eco Lots

Poxil Eco Village is a 92.5 acre property which is subdivided into 2 different lot sizes:

Common Areas

Because we care and recognize the importance of having enough land to be able to sustain the whole community´s organic food supply we have set apart a 25 acre piece of property adjacent to the lots of our community for the sole purpose of using this large piece of land for agricultural purposes only. This is where the organic food of the community will be cultivated.

100% Organic Food

A section of this common land will be focused on growing all kinds exotic of fruit trees such as: bananas, papayas, mangos, lemons, oranges,  mandarins, avocados, pitahaya (Dragon Fruit), mamey, mangosteen, lychee, huayas, guava, noni among others.

A different section of this common land will be used to cultivate organic gardens for vegetables such as : tomates, onions, lettuce, beets, peppers, radishes among others. A separate section of the land will be used to grow corn which is widely used in Mexico to make home made tortillas.

Location: Poxil Eco Village

Poxil Eco Village is very well located at the hearth of the Yucatan Peninsula just 35 miles from the beautiful beaches of Tulum at the most important mayan community called Chemax. It is located right in the middle of many important sites of the Riviera Maya such as Tulum / Playa del Carmen / Cancun as well as Valladolid and Merida in Yucatan.

Chemax has a population of 50,000 people. This small town gives our community the convenience of supplying us with all kinds of different necessities such as public transportation, supermarkets, famacies, clinics or any other service an urban area provides giving us the best of both worlds since we are only 2.5 kms inside the tropical jungle surrounding this beautiful pinturesque mayan town.

It is very important to mention that our Mexican president is currently constructing the biggest and most important infrastructure transportation project of the last decades that will connect all 5 states of southern Mexico. The Mayan Train which will connect : Quintana Roo / Yucatan / Campeche / Tabasco and Chiapas. One the railway stations of this mega project will be located in the Magical City of Valladolid, Yucatan located just 15 miles from Gaiamar Eco Village.

How to get to
Poxil eco village?


– The 1st Route -Coming from Tulum.

This route takes the Tulum- Cobá highway towards Chemax in an approximate time of 35 – 40 m over a route of 70 km The 1st Route -Coming from Tulum.

– The 2nd Route -Coming from Playa del Carmen.

This route takes a new highway that leaves on Av. Colosio towards Nuevo Xcan in an approximate time of 60 to 75 min. over a distance of 121 km.

– The 3rd Route -Coming from Cancun.

This route takes the national highway towards Valladolid in a time of 1.5 to 2 hours over a route of 167 kms.



Tulum: 70 km / 34 min
Playa del Carmen: 121 km / 77 min
Cancún Airport: 167 km / 104 min
Mérida Airport: 234 km / 160 min


The Eco Aldea Poxil will have a medical clinic that will consist of an ordinary first aid kit, up to Herbalária and natural medicine.

The proximity to the town of Chemax of 2.5 km is favorable for cases of greater medical assistance.


The Eco Village Poxil has all the records and rights of private property.

The property is duly registered with the Public Registry of property and commerce.

Common area

El Nido is the name of the area
common of the Eco Aldea Poxil. There is no doubt that the main attraction of El Nido is the Gran Cenote.

However, there will be many more things to enjoy at El Nido. Among them palapas, grills, lots of gardening, event room, rest areas, etc.


We have a continuous and permanent supply of fresh drinking water from the subsoil water tables.


Public transportation to the eco-village Poxil, linking Poxil with the Riviera.

Organic food

The organic food sustenance of our village is obtained through the natural cycles of traditional cultivation of the ancient Mayan culture.


The Eco Village is located in the beautiful Riviera Zone
Maya where you can find a great variety of different trees that are creating in the Village an environment of harmony with Nature.

Things to do.

There are many things to do in the close surrounding areas of our eco village. A wide variety of activities such as taking a trip to the beautiful Caribbean turquoise blue beaches or visiting many of the nearby cenotes. The ecological reserve Punta Laguna offers a beautiful place where you can go take a canoe ride on its big lake and vistit the spider monkeys sanctuary where you can interact with them on their natural habitat.

All the mayor tourist destinations are located in the nearby surroundings of our community. Tulum being the closest tourist destination to our eco community. However a ride to Playa del Carmen or Cancun is also a great alternative you can chose to visit.

The Riviera Mayan paradise is all within your grasp. You can choose to go fishing, scuba diving, exploring cenotes, canoeing on a lake, bird and monkey watching, exploring the Mayan arqueological sites, visiting the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO), going to Xcaret theme parks or simply going out to enjoy a nice meal in many of the local restaurants.

However the entire Yucatan Peninsula is full of magic and has a lot to offer besides beautiful Caribbean beaches. You can also take a trip to Merida, the capital of Yucatan. Merida is a place full of history where you can visit different museums, big haciendas and experience fist hand the colonial side of the Spanish conquest at Paseo de Montejo while enjoying the vast gastronomic wonders this place has to offer.

Whether it is in the Riviera Maya of the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula you will always find something interesting, magical and fun to do within the close proximity of Poxil Eco Village!!

The Mayan Train

The Maya Train is the biggest and most important transportation proyect of Mexico in the last decades. It is a mega infrastructure proyect that will connect 5 states of southern Mexico in a railway system that will make it easy and comfortable for tourism to travel to Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas. All these 5 states are fabulous in their own unique way. The best thing about it is that one of the railroad stations will be located just a few miles from our eco village at the colonial Magical Town of Valladolid. This enormous proyect is currently under construction and is set to be finished in 3 years. This will not only benefit all members of our eco community by giving them the opportunity to travel throughout all southern Mexico in style and comfort but will also create a significant increase in the land value appreciation.

So don´t wait and take advantage of our current low and affordable prices on any of our different lots sizes and make the right decision to join our community by becoming a member and enjoy the wonders of Life by sharing our little piece of paradise with other like-minded people who also love and respect Mother Nature and strive towards a sustainable and peaceful way of Life.

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