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The Mayan Train

The Mayan Train

The Maya Train is the biggest and most important transportation proyect of Mexico in the last decades. It is a mega infrastructure proyect that will connect 5 states of southern Mexico in a railway system that will make it easy and comfortable for tourism to travel to Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas. All these 5 states are fabulous in their own unique way. The best thing about it is that one of the railroad stations will be located just a few miles from our eco village at the colonial Magical Town of Valladolid. This enormous proyect is currently under construction and is set to be finished in 3 years. This will not only benefit all members of our eco community by giving them the opportunity to travel throughout all southern Mexico in style and comfort but will also create a significant increase in the land value appreciation.

So don´t wait and take advantage of our current low and affordable prices on any of our different lots sizes and make the right decision to join our community by becoming a member and enjoy the wonders of Life by sharing our little piece of paradise with other like-minded people who also love and respect Mother Nature and strive towards a sustainable and peaceful way of Life.

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