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About Us

Poxil Eco Village is an ecological sustainable community located at the hearth of the Yucatan Peninsula just 35 miles from the beautiful beaches of Tulum. We welcome people from all over to become a part of our community by sharing our collective vision of creating our little piece of paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

We have a large legally secured property which is subdivided into lots where our community members can own a space where they can be in close contact with Mother Nature. Whether living full time or during specific seasons you are able to live in a sustainable non stressful environment where anyone can enjoy the simplicity of Life and the abundance that our tropical fertile land can provide for us. Organically grown food brings good health and longevity this is why we focus our vision in cultivating organically grown food inside our community where the land is rich and water is plentiful.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a member of our beautiful sustainable ecological community located in the hearth of the tropics of the hearth of the Riviera Maya.

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+52 1 984 158 1933

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