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Bitcoin Jungle

Happy to announce our new project called Bitcoin Jungle. All you digital nomad enthusiasts, this is your dream hub.

Imagine being seated to an Indian high tech guru next to you, having the most qualified teacher from Silicon Valley lecturing you every morning during two hours, doing tech projects and start ups with like minded people, being able to express your ideas and feelings on IT platforms, being able to have access to high profile Silicon Valley angel investors,  having the opportunity to make your IT dreams come true. Plus through our membership program, being able to have financial freedom.

Bitcoin Jungle is your place, my place and the place for all digital nomads.
Land size is big enough for everyone. We will start with 5 hectares (12,5 acres), if we need to expand we can do so.

Bitcoin Jungle will have all you need: from high speed Internet access to really comfortable accommodation. All details for optimum results are accounted for.

At Bitcoin Jungle, you will get advise from the best IT players. We are creating an international hub in the Mayan jungle. Away from traffic, noise pollution, stress and distractions.

The only requirement to be part of our IT community is enthusiasm. We can help you reach your financial and IT goals, through the process of learning and proof of concept.

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