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Location: Poxil Eco Village

Poxil Eco Village is very well located at the hearth of the Yucatan Peninsula just 35 miles from the beautiful beaches of Tulum at the most important mayan community called Chemax. It is located right in the middle of many important sites of the Riviera Maya such as Tulum / Playa del Carmen / Cancun as well as Valladolid and Merida in Yucatan.

Chemax has a population of 50,000 people. This small town gives our community the convenience of supplying us with all kinds of different necessities such as public transportation, supermarkets, famacies, clinics or any other service an urban area provides giving us the best of both worlds since we are only 2.5 kms inside the tropical jungle surrounding this beautiful pinturesque mayan town.

It is very important to mention that our Mexican president is currently constructing the biggest and most important infrastructure transportation project of the last decades that will connect all 5 states of southern Mexico. The Mayan Train which will connect : Quintana Roo / Yucatan / Campeche / Tabasco and Chiapas. One the railway stations of this mega project will be located in the Magical City of Valladolid, Yucatan located just 15 miles from Gaiamar Eco Village.

How to get to
Poxil eco village?


– The 1st Route -Coming from Tulum.

This route takes the Tulum- Cobá highway towards Chemax in an approximate time of 35 – 40 m over a route of 70 km The 1st Route -Coming from Tulum.

– The 2nd Route -Coming from Playa del Carmen.

This route takes a new highway that leaves on Av. Colosio towards Nuevo Xcan in an approximate time of 60 to 75 min. over a distance of 121 km.

– The 3rd Route -Coming from Cancun.

This route takes the national highway towards Valladolid in a time of 1.5 to 2 hours over a route of 167 kms.



Tulum: 70 km / 34 min
Playa del Carmen: 121 km / 77 min
Cancún Airport: 167 km / 104 min
Mérida Airport: 234 km / 160 min


The Eco Aldea Poxil will have a medical clinic that will consist of an ordinary first aid kit, up to Herbalária and natural medicine.

The proximity to the town of Chemax of 2.5 km is favorable for cases of greater medical assistance.


The Eco Village Poxil has all the records and rights of private property.

The property is duly registered with the Public Registry of property and commerce.

Common area

El Nido is the name of the area
common of the Eco Aldea Poxil. There is no doubt that the main attraction of El Nido is the Gran Cenote.

However, there will be many more things to enjoy at El Nido. Among them palapas, grills, lots of gardening, event room, rest areas, etc.


We have a continuous and permanent supply of fresh drinking water from the subsoil water tables.


Public transportation to the eco-village Poxil, linking Poxil with the Riviera.

Organic food

The organic food sustenance of our village is obtained through the natural cycles of traditional cultivation of the ancient Mayan culture.


The Eco Village is located in the beautiful Riviera Zone
Maya where you can find a great variety of different trees that are creating in the Village an environment of harmony with Nature.

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