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We accept Crypto Currency

Happy to announce that we are accepting USDT stable coin as a form of payment. We can also accept BTC or ETH + 15% for price volatility. Amount of crypto currency accepted is up to 50% of total land value.

The company is merging two industries: real estate with crypto.

Our vision is to create a crypto high tech blockchain community based in the principle of having financial freedom through our membership program.
This way, our community members will obtain: financial freedom giving them more time for themselves, allowing to have a better cash flow for faster payments of land through our financing scheme, being able to build a nicer architectural designed home and not having to worry any more about money debts forever.

Through constant education on blockchain technology, NFT’s, trading and the meta verse, the community will specialize in teaching new members all these subjects. We are creating our own Bitcoin Beach as in El Salvador, we call ours Bitcoin Jungle in the heart of the Mayan peninsula. We are the second project in the world having an ecosystem based on digital currency and blockchain technology. We embrace the technology.

The project Bitcoin Jungle is creating a sustainable Bitcoin Economic ecosystem empowering you as an individual. Bankers and politicians are things of the past. We are the new generation that will transform the future. 

Bitcoin Jungle will return power back to the individual. BJ is a movement to make sure the true potential of Bitcoin is met, those who have been excluded from the banking system are the beneficiaries. Those with high dreams and motivation to make this planet a better world are the beneficiaries. 

Bitcoin Jungle’s vision is to prove that Bitcoin could have the biggest impact on the lives of those that embrace the new era of high tech business. Allowing us to perform our dream: merge real estate with crypto and start prepping for the Great Reset, financial transition, NWO or global collapse. By educating ourselves and start learning the technology professionally, we will be one step ahead of the game.

Academia cripto is our hub for all digital nomads craving to have a place for work surrounded by nature, birds, water, like minded people and an auto-sustainable lifestyle. Bringing peace, love and happiness into our lives.

The community will be able to cope with any major mischief. If the world is changing, so are we.

NOTE: If you are curious about BJ or want to learn more, please be kind to send an email: gabriel@ecoaldeapoxil.com
All emails will be responded immediately, please write as subject: INTERESTED TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BITCOIN JUNGLE
Write down where you are from, why you are interested in BJ, what is your motivation about learning and being part of this high tech community, what is your dream and how you see yourself in the next 5 years.

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